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The Gallagher boys parents' evening throws Fiona into a panic, while Veronica goes to saucy lengths to pay off her catalogue debt.

Voice-over: Lip Gallagher Bailiffs reclaim old debts from Frank, and, as usual, his children are forced to pay the price. Wilson (Clive Russell), a housing officer with a personal vendetta against Frank, is threatening to take the family home.

Voice-over: Frank Gallagher It's Christmas in Chatsworth, and Kev and Lip rob a van load of meat to make a big profit on the estate.

Elsewhere, Karen Jackson's (Rebecca Atkinson) father, Eddie (Steve Pemberton), leaves home after catching her in a compromising position.

including Veronica's mother, Carol Fisher (Marjorie Yates).

In a corner, Kev proposes to Veronica, and the pair plan a wedding on the cheap with the help of the Gallaghers, but Kev has failed to tell Veronica that he is already married and turns to Steve and Fiona for help.

But when she goes into labour at the Gallagher household with only Steve and Kash's mother by her side, there is a shock in store for all. Voice-over: Debbie Gallagher First appearance: Lillian Tyler Note: This is the only Christmas-themed episode of Shameless.

Neville Gallagher (John Woodvine), Frank's estranged father, arrives in Chatsworth to meet his new grandchildren.

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